Thursday, December 5, 2013


DownBeats is the best new way to enjoy live music. But don't call it an ear plug... An ear plug wouldn't let you enjoy a concert or DJ with that immediate sonic hangover (you know that feeling where you can't hear your friends anymore, never mind hearing your own thoughts) or even worse, long term hearing issues!

DownBeats on and ready to go!

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To try them out, DownBeats sent us to the Paramore Self-Titled Tour with openers Metric and hellogoodbye. Saying that night was awesome is a understatement. From beginning to end, we were on our feet and having a great time singing along to our favorite songs at the top of our lungs. (DownBeats may have saved our hearing, but it did not save our voices.) We don't normally use earbuds for headphones, so it took a bit to get used to the DownBeats, but we soon forgot we were wearing them! You can still hear everything perfectly, and even made talking to each other clearer. A perfect way to tell one another "this is my favorite song!" It's enclosed in this tiny and colorful packaging (and only $9.99!), so make sure it's in your clutch for your night out!


Check out some videos from our night with DownBeats, Paramore, Metric, and hellogoodbye!

Jess & Jill

This post was sponsored by DownBeats. Commentary and opinions are of Jess & Jill only.


  1. How cool?! This is right up my ally! xo

    1. Hah, we kept saying to each other, "this is perfect for Lisa!"

  2. Love hellogoodbye!


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