Tuesday, April 14, 2015


It finally happened. I got my wedding dress! Well, at least the sketch of it. After many appointments in Chicago, Miami, Orlando, and Austin - I've decided to go CUSTOM in Houston!

The hidden wedding dress sketch.

I'm not much of a huge dress-wearer, and when I do, it's either a shift or a shirt dress. Not really the style you see in bridal. After browsing past runway looks and endless nights on Pinterest (I may or may not be exaggerating), I decided to go for a look that was totally me. I can't spill any deets obviously, but you can always see my inspiration here and get a tease with the hidden dress sketches in this post.

And the man behind it all! I was referred to David Peck USA, a fashion house that is all local and made in-house. From ready-to-wear to custom evening and wedding gowns, everything is made, literally right behind the store in their factory. I have had such a great time with David and his team coming up with a design that is perfect for me, my style, and wedding. (And actually less expensive that any wedding dress I sort of liked at a boutique.) This video makes my fiancé and I so excited about the entire process. I can't wait to get started - first step, the muslin!

This sketch is going in a frame!

Would you ever go custom?


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