Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I love the 70s, I love giving back to Chicago, and I love a good time. So when I come across all these mixed into one sparkly fun night, I've gotta share it.

The Green Tie Ball is a gala that happens every year, taking place this year on October 10th at Venue One. Dozens of Chicago's top restaurants will be present, along with premium open bars, charitable gaming from River's Casino, and amazing DJs. The best part about the night is that it's all to benefit and raise funds for Chicago Gateway Green's Expressway Partnership Programs. 

Founded in 1999, CGG's Expressway Partnership Programs is dedicated to making Chicago's expressways more green by transforming our highways into beautiful landscapes. Joined with the City of Chicago, the State of Illinois, and Chicago's corporate community, their promotion of sustainability goes beyond the traditional "adopt-a-highway" programs and improves the environment throughout Chicago. 

The best news in all of this? There is still time to purchase your ticket and join the over 3,000 people who will be contributing to this special initiative (and partying, duh!). And you know with this year's Studio 54 theme it's going to be an amazing time. You'll want to snag your spots quickly, here.

What will you be wearing?

x Jill

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