Tuesday, November 25, 2014


With a Friendsgiving here and Thanksgiving there, there a lot of dishes to prepare and bring, but let's be real - my cooking skills suck. I don't want to succumb to bringing pre-made dish from the supermarket, but I also want to spare my friends and family a meal they have to pretend they enjoy. The thing is, it's already Tuesday and there's no time for any practice dishes! But don't worry, I've found 10 easy and simple salads, side dishes, and desserts for you to whip up and impress that yes, you actually did make that. Just get ready for them to invite you to every future potluck now.

Shaved Brussels Spouts - The Kitchn

Pretzel Parker House Rolls - Smitten Kitchen

Goat Cheese Toasts - Better Homes and Gardens

Mini Cornbread Puddings - Martha Stewart

Four-Cheese Macaroni - Southern Living

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