Friday, January 31, 2014


Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen have done it again. Their first fragrance, Elizabeth and James Nirvana is by far, my favorite one to apply in the morning. And in the afternoon. And in the evening.

Nirvana Black is a blend of violet, sandalwood, and vanilla for both a masculine and feminine balance, while Nirvana White has a lighter aroma of muguet, peony, and musk. Seperately, I do prefer Nirvana Black (surprise, surprise), but pairing them together creates such a unique scent that I'm so obviously obsessed with.

It usually takes me a while to get through a whole bottle of perfume, so I opted for just the rollerballs (even though the full size bottles are so beautiful, I'd take an empty one). This Sephora-exclusive will set you back $22 for each rollerball, and $55 to $75 for each bottle.


I hope there's more where this came from! Elizabeth and James definitely hit it out of the park with this set and I'll be the first in line for whatever is next!

Have you tried Elizabeth and James Nirvana?


Wednesday, January 29, 2014


This weather is the perfect time to cozy up on the couch with a good glass of wine and a good documentary. But committing to a film for the next few hours can be a challenge. Don't waste any time browsing your options or waiting for a DVD in the mail (do people still do that?) and check out some of my favorites streaming on Netflix

Restrepo (2010)
Definitely one of those films you can only see once and leaves you emotionally drained, but it's a must see. And you'll be on the edge of your seat. 

Photo via IMDb.

This documentary has been on everyone's radar since it came out, and I promise you will never look at SeaWorld the same again. It's truly eye-opening and infuriating. 

Photo via IMDb.

Remember that lady who sued McDonald's because the coffee was hot? Sounds ridiculous but that's because the media twisted it to make it seem that way. You'd be surprised to hear the truth behind the case.

Photo via Let's Not Talk About Movies.

If you don't cry, you may not have a heart, so I'd go get that checked out. There is no other vessel that shows the serious effects of bullying like this documentary.

Photo via IMDb.

Because nothing else can make you feel quite as lazy as watching a man walk a wire between the Twin Towers. But really, it's a story about the heart, dedication, time, and patience that goes into fulfilling a life goal, and it's insanely interesting.

Photo via IMDb.

What are some of your favorite documentaries?

x Jill

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Quantum physics is nothing compared to trying to find the perfect outfit for a night on the town. It can feel practically impossible sometimes. This is why I feel a post dedicated to my little black dress, that has saved me from many nights of wanting to pull my hair out, was appropriate. 

I found this black dress at T.J.Maxx after searching high and low for a dress to celebrate my anniversary with my boyfriend. And it's lasted me many nights, many wine spills, and many accessory changes. I love adding a bold necklace to dress it up, or a pair of flats to keep it low key. What's better that a good find and a good price?

And just like that little black dress everyone has in their closet that they dig out from time to time, I dug up these photos from the summer before a night out. 

I'm also wearing a Boutique 9 shoes, GUESS bracelet, and Marciano clutch.

What's your favorite little black dress?

Monday, January 27, 2014


To sum up the Grammys fashion in one word, each year you can expect things to be "sporadic." You always have the celeb who comes decked out in a ball gown like they're at the Oscars, the C-lister who thinks cut off shorts are not only acceptable at the beach, and the awkward outfits in-between. But what fun would it be if we didn't have them to talk about?


Katy Perry in Valentino: When I saw this walk down the red carpet, my first thoughts were that if no singer jumped to wear this at the Grammys, they didn't deserve to walk the carpet. Usually Katy is hit or miss with me, but she definitely hit it out of the park with this one.

Photo via E!

Rita Ora in Lanvin: This dress is the perfect balance for the Grammys. I also thoroughly appreciated the small purple detail in the dress that matched her purple eyeshadow. And I secretly wish I could pull off that blonde hair.

Photo via E!

Taylor Swift in Gucci: Yes, it's sparkly. And yes, her makeup and hair could definitely use more of an edge. But you can't deny this was damn pretty walking down the carpet, and it photographs lovely. And it's NOT strapless!

Photo via E!

Skylar Grey in Michael Costello: I feel like I shouldn't love this, but I do. I love the unconventional material paired with her slicked back hair. And her tattoos make this look 10x better.

Photo via E!


Paris Hilton in Haus of Milani: While it's awesome Paris Hilton hasn't aged since 2004, it's sad she's held on to the same style.

Photo via E!

Fantasia Barrino in Isabel Toledo: And apparently she knows it's bad, because she's already wearing a medal for the worst dressed (that's what that red necklace is, right?!)

Photo via E!

Anna Kendrick in Azzaro: First let me apologize to my boyfriend, who will probably make me sleep on the couch for putting his favorite actress on this list (sorry!) I love Anna, but this dress is wearing her harder than she ever could. It definitely belongs on a different starlet, although her hair and makeup are gorgeous.

Photo via E!

Kaya Jones: That awkward in-between thing I was talking about? Yeah... this chick.

Photo via E!

What did you think of the fashion?

Friday, January 24, 2014


Yes, I'm talking about Preztel Crisps.

Beside the fact that they're delicious and healthier than the usual snack laying around, PC (yeah, we're cool like that) is awesome. They found out it was my birthday this week and hand-delivered a grab bag to my home with different flavors to try! 

Time to find a hiding spot for them so I don't have to share with my boyfriend! 

What's your favorite flavor of Preztel Crisps?

Thursday, January 23, 2014


As you may have read from my earlier post, I spent Christmas in Los Angeles, and ventured to downtown LA to celebrate the holiday. I fell in love with the buildings and character of the city (but let's be real, California weather can make you fall in love with a dumpster)!

And how appropriate was my Santa Monica shirt? I thought it went well with my new favorite Marrin Costello chain necklace (c/o). Photos were taken by my brother, Adam Badlotto, who also found this awesome old theatre.

I'm wearing a Topshop shirt, Brand & Label vest, Saturday by Kate Spade sunglasses, J. Litvack flats, and Marrin Costello necklace (c/o).

I can almost feel the warm weather from the screen!

x Jill

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Being that I'm not the biggest on accessorizing, it usually takes a certain unique trait for a jewelry collection to really catch my eye. But when I came across Caia Jewels, it got my full attention quick.

I've been a huge fan of Chiara Ferragni, the gorgeous blogger behind The Blonde Salad, so I wasn't too shocked to hear that this fashionista was the creative behind the jewels. And since I'm 100% Italian, I loved that she incorporated the language (even the dirty words!) into her designs. We do talk with our hands, so it's only appropriate we decorate them with cute jewelry.

And lucky me, my boyfriend surprised me with purchasing a piece from the collection! 

Red Lips Ring ($99.00) | Vaffanculo Silver Ring ($89.00)
 Muse Silver Bangle ($139.00) | Three Piece Ring in Gold ($119.00)

What are your thoughts on Caia Jewels?

x Jill

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


*cue the music*

Haaaaaaappy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Everyone wish the yin to my yang, the Jess to my Jill, a very very very Happy Birthday!

Since Jess is a morning person (unlike you know who) I had to be sneaky about it and make this post later in the day. So I made today extra sunny just for you!

I promise, I'm happier for your birthday than I look in this picture!

x Jill


Today is my birthday! My boyfriend surprised me with a staycation this past weekend at the Waldorf Astoria to celebrate! It was two days filled with pure relaxation, snow, and cupcakes with my favorite person. Couldn't ask for a better way to start my, ahem, 20-something birthday!

Inside the lobby.

White out!

The perfect spot to do your nails!

My favorite room!

BTW, that mirror on the left... is a TV!

Cupcake time!

It's my birthday, and I'll eat cupcakes in bed if I want to.

Good night, Chicago!

Thank you, Waldorf Astoria!

What has been your favorite staycation?

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