Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Being that I'm not the biggest on accessorizing, it usually takes a certain unique trait for a jewelry collection to really catch my eye. But when I came across Caia Jewels, it got my full attention quick.

I've been a huge fan of Chiara Ferragni, the gorgeous blogger behind The Blonde Salad, so I wasn't too shocked to hear that this fashionista was the creative behind the jewels. And since I'm 100% Italian, I loved that she incorporated the language (even the dirty words!) into her designs. We do talk with our hands, so it's only appropriate we decorate them with cute jewelry.

And lucky me, my boyfriend surprised me with purchasing a piece from the collection! 

Red Lips Ring ($99.00) | Vaffanculo Silver Ring ($89.00)
 Muse Silver Bangle ($139.00) | Three Piece Ring in Gold ($119.00)

What are your thoughts on Caia Jewels?

x Jill

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