Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I'm gonna let you in on a little trick on how to never overpack again. When I plan for a trip, I always stick to one or two "color stories" and one metal. I know, I know... it may seem like you're limiting yourself, but it makes packing a breeze and you'll still have endless amounts of outfit choices in that carry-on. I promise it's the way to avoid overpacking. (No one said anything about underpacking, though...)

My go-to combination? Black and gold, of course. To spruce up your outfit, throw in contrasting materials like I did with this leather and knit sweater or colorblock leggings!

My must haves? My Gage Moto leggings c/o Archer Townsend, and Juliette bracelets and Hunter earrings c/o Marrin Costello. I wore these leggings with other sweaters and blouses on my trip and never took off those bracelets!

I'm also wearing a GUESS necklace and watch, sweater (get ready to see this one a lot) and clutch from The LimitedWarby Parker sunnies,  DV by Dolce Vita wedges, and jewelry from Kate Spade, Wakami, and Love and Pieces.

What's your favorite combination to wear?


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  1. I've been in love with those leggings since I first saw them! They look great on you. Archer Townsend is a stylish travelers go-to name. Love them!


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