Friday, January 3, 2014


The last thing we want to do when it's cold, windy, and snowing, is style our hair. That's where Verb comes in! They're a cruelty-free line that offers affordable (everything is $14!) professional haircare that is vegan and free of parabens. Verb sent us a couple products to try and we're kinda obsessed with everything about them from the packaging to the fact that they work so well. Get ready for some easy styling in this not-so-fun season!

Verb Dry Shampoo ($14.00)
Verb Ghost Oil ($14.00)

The Dry Shampoo scared us a little at first, since we've all tried dry shampoos that leave your hair grey.  But after applying to our scalp in sections and then massaging it into your hair, volume seems to magically appear, leaving tresses oil-free with no dusty residue. You can skip washing your hair the next day and maybe, just maybe, the day after that. We promise not to tell.

We also love the Ghost Oil. Just apply a few pumps, and it instantly repairs and leaves no sign of frizz or damage behind. If you're lucky enough to not need such a product, you'll still want to get it for the amazing shine it gives your already healthy hair. This is a must-have every day kinda thing!

What are some of your favorite hair products?

Jess & Jill

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