Friday, August 29, 2014


My favorite season is upon us and one of the things I look most forward to other than beautiful weather, boots, and layering, is new nail colors! Deborah Lippmann's latest fall collection is New York Marquee, and it's mixture of metallics and chrome hits the spot. I've been on a mixed metals kick lately and I can't wait to get creative and have some fun with crazy nail art and giving my outfits a pop of color!

Top to bottom, left to right:12th Street Rag ($20.00)Autumn in New York ($20.00)Harlem Nocturne ($20.00)I'll Take Manhattan ($20.00)Lullaby of Broadway ($20.00), and Take The "A" Train ($20.00).

Which polish do you like best?

Jess & Jill

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Ever since we had the chance to chat with her, we've been a fan of Gita Bass. From her skincare knowledge and Simple product suggestions, to her tips on transitioning runway makeup to everyday looks, Gita is all-knowing when it comes to the beauty world. Think of her as the best friend who always has the best makeup tricks (now only if we could be best friends with her in real life!).

But don't take our word for it. Check out the below interview with Gita Bass, as she lets viewers in on some of the best beauty advice.

P.S. How amazing is her hair?

Jess & Jill

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


As you may know by now, our outfits are almost always black from head to toe. How do we add a little oomph to spice up our outfit? Sparkles, of course!

We're a part of the #INeedSparkle campaign (who doesn't?) and we're sharing our favorite pieces and beauty products to do just that! Whether it's sparkly eyeshadow, heels, and clutch for a night out, or delicate pavé jewelry pieces for everyday, sparkle is just what you need to spruce up that all black outfit. And we can't get enough of that Essie glitter nail polish!

What is your favorite item that sparkles?

Jess & Jill

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I'm seeing red. And not because I'm completely pissed off at this rainy weather (which I am), but after watching many red frocks walk down the 66th Annual Emmys red carpet. I did trade in a night of sushi with Jess and Soraya for the red carpet coverage, so I didn't get to catch many of these gowns in motion, but for some of these (cough Lena cough) that might be a good thing.

Here are my favorites and not-so favorites.

Best Dressed

Claire Danes in Givenchy: If you're going to do red on the red carpet, you better do it (you know what I mean?) The cut out detail, with lace overlay, and detailed neckline take this red dress to the next level. I also love that her hair is soft, paired with her bold lip. 

Sarah Paulson in Armani Prive: Am I supposed to like this? I don't think so, but I find it so darling. Plus it adds an interesting twist to a black strapless dress. It's volume without being too overwhelming, and the slick, straight hair keeps the look from being too cutesy. 

Camila Alves in Zuhair Murad: Having Mathew on your arm can always help your amplify your look, but Camila didn't need any help last night. Mixing a peek-a-boo pattern with long sleeves and a conservative neckline keeps things balanced. I also thought the pattern was soft and delicate against her skin. 

Lizzy Caplan in Donna Karan Atelier: Sure, it's black and white, but doesn't she look like a classic beauty? Regina George, eat your words.

January Jones in Prabal Gurung: If this was on anyone else, I probably wouldn't enjoy it as much. January's messy bangs and shoes add an edge to this frock, and I really like the texture of the gown. Again, if you're going to do red... make it interesting.

Worst Dressed

Lena Dunham in Giambattista Valli: Every news outlet should apologize for publishing the designer of this gown, because I imagine they don't want to claim this. And her hair stylist should enroll in the witness protection program and start over. I'm kidding, it's not that bad. Okay maybe it is.

She's not really trying, right?

Betsey Brandt in Alice + Olivia: This is a great example of how the wrong styling can negatively affect a dress. I actually like the print of this dress, but hate it paired with the black clutch and black, closed-toed heels. I am not one to think that someone is too old to wear something, but Betsey's hair is styled too maturely for such a bright dress. I also think the hemline should either be longer or a little shorter, since this length makes her stature look short. 

Taissa Farmiga in Honor: Is this a lace skirt on top of a short dress? I don't get it.

Laura Prepon in Gustavo Cadile: There is a green monster eating Laura. Talk about the dress wearing the girl.

Amanda Peet in Giambattista Valli: I would have totally loved this dress in a time in my life where I also loved butterfly clips and glitter eyeshadow.

Who were your favorites and not-so favorites?

x Jill

Monday, August 25, 2014


I think Wet Seal sponsored the clothing for this year's VMAs.

I don't watch the MTV Video Music Awards for the fashion. I more watch it for the outlandish events (cue the "Imma let you finish"), the nostalgic memories of the VMAs when I really enjoyed them (thanks Katy Perry for the Britney and Justin denim reminder), and the gif-worthy reactions from celebs (speaking of, where was Rihanna and her b!+ch face?). Dressing for the VMAs probably isn't the easiest, since you have to find that balance between "fun and hip" and "don't look like a complete idiot because you're still at an awards show". So I'm not surprised that nobody walked the red carpet and wowed me.

Still, I've managed to pick a few favorites that I enjoyed, and of course, a few that I had to comment on.

Best Dressed

Jourdan Dunn in Balmain: Looking like the epitome of a super model.

Kim Kardashian in Balmain: The cut is a little deep, but I'm obsessed with this print.

Kendall Jenner: Technically she's a Jenner, and also a model, so I don't feel half as bad as I should that two members of this family are on my favorite list.

Chanel Iman in Balmain: Loving this feels wrong, but I don't wanna be right.

Worst Dressed

Amber Rose in Laurel DeWitt: I get the desire to show off your flat stomach, especially after having a baby, but really? Maybe it's my nostalgia for 1998 (see here), or maybe it's the fact that I don't get why she covered up her tattoos that makes me not like this look. Or maybe it's because she's literally wearing chains and underwear.

Solange Knowles: Solange took her sister's "I woke up like this" a little too literal. Is that pajamas?

Taylor Swift in Mary Katrantzou: Is she learning the alphabet? Also, E! was drunk when they tweeted this.

Katy Perry in Versace: I don't really have to spell this one out for you, right?

What did you think of last night's looks?

x Jill


We are so excited to announce that we're contributors for The Coca-Cola Company's digital magazine, Coca-Cola Journey! Read our first article on Jill's DIY chalkboard here.

Jess & Jill

Friday, August 22, 2014


If Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps isn't a part of your life, you're missing out! All of the products are organic and cruelty-free, and everything (except the lip and body balms) is certified vegan. While I use this primarily as body soap, it has tripled as a laundry detergent for my hand-washables and for washing dishes on my camping trip. You can use it for body, clothes, and dishes - pretty magical, right? 

Whether you're into the liquid soap or the bar of soap (making packing for your carry-on so much easier), you can get it many different scents. From almond, unscented baby, citrus orange, eucalyptus, peppermint, rose, tea tree, to my favorite - lavender!

Other body products include hair products, balms, lotions, shaving gels, hand sanitzers, and more! They also have coconut oil (and you know I love that for beauty and cooking!) and a multi-purpose cleaner for your home.


Thursday, August 21, 2014


My fiancé and I have been bouncing wedding ideas off each other and one that we've fallen in love with is, get this - a wedding with less than 50 guests! We're not into the hoopla of all things wedding, and adore the idea of having just our closest family and friends with us on our special day. We've also thought about doing it at a restaurant to make planning even easier! Now that we've decided on one aspect of the wedding, we're trying to narrow down our list of possible city choices. Chicago is obviously one of them as it will still be a "destination" wedding for the majority of our guests. We've found a few possible favorites here and now we just have to have dinner at all of them - something definitely not to complain about!

The Bedford


Little Goat


RPM Italian

Nico Osteria

GT Fish & Oyster

Even if you're not looking for an intimate wedding reception, these are also great places just for a private event. One place I'm definitely dying to hear about is Soho Chicago!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Over the past few months I've had the opportunity to assist Jessica Moazami, fashion stylist and blogger behind Addictions of a Fashion Junkie, for a few photoshoots for TCW Magazine. It's been pretty exciting for me to witness firsthand the work that goes into these photoshoots, and to watch each individual look come together. Styling is definitely something I want to get into more, so I've loved learning from Jessica. Plus, I could steam pieces like these all day.

Check out the shoots that I got to help style below!

x Jill

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Before you yell at me for posting about fall when we're all trying to hold on to August for dear life, I want you to recall all of the good things this next season brings. My birthday, pumpkin everything, and the happiest your feet will ever be - boots! I love to dress up an outfit with a pair of boots, and they're my go-to shoes to be worn with a sweater dress.

So pull out your most comfy socks (and your credit card) because I've put together a list of boots that'll make you excited for the colder weather.

Topshop Magnum Heeled Boots ($130)

Topshop Bizz Open Back Boots ($65)

Rag & Bone Harrow Leather Biker Boots ($550) Net-A-Porter

Steve Madden Harverd ($229.95)

Steve Madden Skippur ($169.95)

See? The end of summer isn't all bad.

x Jill

Monday, August 18, 2014


It's no secret that I have a love affair with eyebrows. They can make or break a person's facial structure, and can completely change the way someone looks. I believe that well-groomed brows are more important than any makeup in my bag. And who doesn't love a little beauty inspiration? To brighten up this Monday, I've put together a list of eight celebrities with noteworthy brows that set the standard high.

Lily Collins

Glamour Spain

Lucy Hale

Lucky Magazine

Audrey Hepburn

The Divine Addiction

Kim Kardashian


Emilia Clarke

WSJ Magazine

Jennifer Connelly


Mary-Kate Olsen


Cara Delevingne


Who inspires your brows?

x Jill
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