Monday, January 13, 2014


Last night was the beginning of the best time of the year - awards season! The fashion is usually my favorite part of the night, but I have to say that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler killed it. However nothing could top my future husband, Leonardo Dicaprio and his win last night! Don't worry, we both agreed I shouldn't attend the awards, and rather stay at home to tweet it out. The wedding is still on, so you guys can stop asking me.

Anyway, I've put together my favorites, not so favorites, and changes I was itching to make, from last night's big show. Can't you just feel the Oscars creeping up on us?


Lupita Nyong in Ralph Lauren: Nobody... and I repeat, nobody... has ever made a cape look THIS good. If she isn't toping everyone's Best Dressed list, I've lost all hope in humanity. 

Photo via E! Online.

Kerry Washington in Balenciaga: It's not fair for Kerry to set such high standards for women, and not humanely possible for someone to look this good 7 months pregnant. I love how she chose a dress with structure, but also kept her bump in mind, and she complimented the look with the perfect jewels.

Photo via Miami Herald

Olivia Wilde in Gucci: I guess pregnant girls have all the fun? I'm loving these emerald sequins. This dress photographs so vividly (imagine what it must be like in person!) and makes Olivia's eyes pop more than her belly. She is really glowing.

Photo via E! Online.

Cate Blanchett in Armani Couture: Nobody balances dressing age appropriate, while still being the envy of all the young starlets, better than Cate. Although I'm someone who always opts for a dark hue, I do know that the details of a black ensemble don't photograph the best down a red carpet, but I almost gasped when I saw this frock. Plus, have you ever seen a more beautiful woman? Like a fine wine...

Photo via E! Online.


Heidi Klum in Marchesa: One time when I was 5 years old I thought it would be cool to dress up as a cowgirl, and I had a very similar necklace to Heidi's. Luckily before my mom could disown me as a child, I snapped out of my crazy, but apparently Heidi didn't get the memo. Maybe I'm taking this too personal? 

Oh wait, nope. Look at that dress. Burn it. 

Photo via Miami Herald.

Lena Dunham in Zac Posen: I don't know what's more uncomfortable, Lena Dunham in this dress or me watching Lena Dunham in this dress. The fit was completely wrong, and if that open-mouthed pose doesn't scream "I don't know what to do with this look" enough, I'm pretty sure she subtly admitted on the carpet that she wasn't a fan.

Photo via E! Online.

Paula Patton in Stephane Rolland Couture: Something has taken over the left half of Paula. That's all I got.

Photo via Huffington Post.

What Could Have Been

Zooey Deschanel in Oscar de la Renta: The bottom portion of this look is gorgeous - the skirt is feminine with a bit of an edgy shoe. But don't you think the crop top trend should have been left in 2013? Outside of that, the flower in the hair feels misplaced, while the rest of her accessories were on point. 

Photo via E! Online.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior: I guess there isn't anything particularly wrong with this look, but as one of the most anticipated attendees to walk the carpet, I felt very underwhelmed. 

Photo via E! Online.

Sandra Bullock in Prabal Gurung: I thought Sandra looked STUN-NING last night (her and Amy Poehler have only gotten better after divorce) but I wasn't feeling the colors of this dress together. Pink and blue should only be paired for a baby shower. Plus, I think my $60 steamer and I could have worked out some of those wrinkles at the bottom of the dress.

Photo via E! Online.

Who were your favorites from last night?

x Jill

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