Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Davines is an international, family-owned beauty line with a root in sustainability. It was founded in Italy and began as a research laboratory (which explains their adorable and reusable packaging) and is now in renowned hair salons all over the world, like salon blonde!

More Inside is a new styling line from Davines that is more than just a quality hair product, but a form of creative expression. Each item is packaged with unique paper that is inspired from Italian tile, paintings, and architecture. Open up your new product, just like a gift, and there's more inside! Find directions, inspirational quotes, and an adorable rendering of someone from Davines. This line is fool-proof, the medium hairspray is literally called "This is a Medium Hairspray".

Salon Blonde (1643 W. North Ave.) in Wicker Park is a globally conscious beauty boutique that is a perfect home for Davines. Richard took care of Jess's layers and straightened her hair to a sleek look, while Bridget gave Jill wavy, blow-dryed locks.

Davines sent us home with a variety of products from More Inside and we couldn't wait to try them all!

This is a Medium Hairspray - Pro: The hold is great, and still keeps your hair touchable. Con: It sprays more of a wet mist and the bottle clogs easily.
This is an Invisible Serum - Pro: Does exactly what it's supposed to do! Makes your hair soft and gives it a little shine. It's also paraben-free! Con: Has a bit of a product-feel to it after it's on.
This is a Sea Salt Spray - Pro: Gives great texture, body, and waves. You can actually see your hair changing when you spray this on! Con: It can be a bit too much for oily hair, so if you have this issue, spray lightly.
Love Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner - Pro: Keeps your hair smooth and frizz-free, but isn't too heavy for those with oily hair, and has actually helped Jill's hair! You can also reuse the cute containers. Con: Contains parabens.

Have you tried Davines and More Inside?

Jess & Jill


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