Friday, October 24, 2014


We both do our share of traveling (as seen here), and the hardest part of packing is always dealing with TSA's restrictions on liquids. For those quick weekend trips or stand-by flights, I try to do carry-on as often as I can. Problem is, how do I really pack all of my beauty and makeup products when I have to fit them all in that tiny quart-sized bag?! Since everything has to be be less than three ounces, I have a million (rough estimate) of those unlabeled plastic containers in my bathroom drawers, but now I can finally stop trying to figure out what is in what bottle, thanks to 3FLOZ!

3FLOZ offers travel size products for a variety of brands and products - forget settling for what's at your local drugstore. Shop brands from Bliss to H2O Plus, and products for your hair to your skin. Ah, finally, packing is now a breeze! Find my favorite products available online at 3FLOZ and at select airports, below! PS. They even have a replenishment program for those busy travelers.

What are your must have products when you travel?


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