Wednesday, September 9, 2015


The more the merrier definitely rings true with ring stacks. I started with a couple rings on each finger, but began to love the look of a variety of metals and textures mixed with each other to make a unique statement piece. Rose gold, silver, and yellow gold to twisted, hammered, and smooth - it's all about creating the perfect stack with anything and everything your little heart desires. That's at least what I did! 

Now, it's time to break down the stack! On my middle finger from top to bottom, I'm wearing Euna Joyce's Plain Gold Band in rose goldBittersweets NY's Teensy Skull Ring in rose goldEuna Joyce's Plain Silver BandJ. Hannah's Beaded Band in rose gold, a silver and yellow gold In God We Trust ring (similar one here)Catbird's Threadbare Ring in rose gold, Classic Hammered Ring in rose gold, and Twisted Stacker Ring in yellow gold. I'm wearing a Bittersweets Famous Letter Ring on my ring finger (find out the meaning of 'juizinho' here).

Middle finger, top to bottom: Plain Gold Band in Rose Gold ($80.00) - Euna JoyceTeensy Skull Ring in Rose Gold ($98.00) - Bittersweets New YorkPlain Silver Band ($35.00) - Euna JoyceBeaded Band in Rose Gold ($98.00) - J. HannahIn God We Trust Ring in Yellow Gold and Silver (similar)Threadbare Ring in Rose Gold ($44.00) - CatbirdClassic Hammered Ring in Rose Gold ($64.00) - Catbird, and Twisted Stacker Ring in Yellow Gold ($64.00) - Catbird. Ring finger: Bittersweets Famous Letter Ring ($125.00+) - Bittersweets New York (word explanation here).

Do you have a ring stack?


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