Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I don't think I've ever met a person who wasn't in love with Etsy. And if you're not, you need to stop reading this and go back, like now.

From vintage finds and handmade creations, you can find everything you've wanted in one website, regardless of budget. And with no exception, there are plenty of Chicago designers that feature their lovely designs online. I couldn't just pick one Etsy shop, so this will definitely be a revisited theme! For now, enjoy my first group of favs. (And all under 30 dollars!)

Atelier Yumi, "Jewelry For Day Dreamers", is handmade by Maryam Gaber.

Gold Necklace with Mint Turquoise Green Lucite ($20.00)

Turqouise Bracelet with Hamsa Hand ($24.00)

Viva Revival, a shop full of "handmade personalized jewelry, sterling silver initials, birthstone necklaces, [and] lockets", is designed by Michelle.

Personalized Heart Necklace ($28.00)

Hot Air Balloon Earrings ($16.00)

Branchbound, the perfect place for "handmade lace jewelry and accessories", is created by Sarah Louise Walker.

Ariadne Lace Headband ($25.00)

Narcissa Lace Necklace ($25.00) 

My Lavaliere, where you can find "vintage inspired handmade jewelry and headbands", is made by Danielle.

Cameo Ring ($13.00)

Emerald Jewel Necklace ($27.00)

I just recently bought vintage 1950s maps of Illinois and Chicago, and I have been hooked on Etsy since! I'm loving all the handmade and vintage pieces I'm adding to my jewelry collection and cannot wait to find more Chicago shops!

What are your favorite Etsy shops and local designers?

XO Jess


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