Sunday, May 13, 2012


For all of those home cooked meals we now crave and wish we could duplicate, the mature advice we can now appreciate,  the moments that still make us laugh when we recall them, and finally believing you when you said "he's too good for you". This post is an ode to all those moms out there - especially ours - because let's face it, we wouldn't be here without them. Superman ain't got nothin' on these do-it-all powerhouses with immune systems stronger than a brick wall. It's because of you ladies that we are who we are today. So thanks Mom, we love you!

Jess with her mom and big sis, who is mom to twinsies.

Jill and her mom.

And Happy Mother's Day to all of our readers! Whether you're a momma, have an amazing mom, or just appreciate a strong woman, we hope you have a lovely Sunday.

XX Jess & Jill

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