Monday, July 2, 2012


Those in life who find their dreams and become successful chasing it are lucky. However, in the case of storeowner Michelle Rubin, we feel like the lucky ones that she planted the roots of her dream in Chicago. Located at 1616 N. Damen Avenue in Wicker Park, the label Love and Pieces as just a jewelry store doesn’t do the work behind their products justice. About a year ago we both stumbled upon the shop on a whim and it instantly became our favorite jewelry store in Chicago, so it only felt right to share this precious gem with our readers!

The upbeat, girly personalities of Michelle and sales associate Natalie, who gave us an exclusive look into Love and Pieces last week, match the warm décor perfectly. Admitting that the jewelry mirrors their personality, our favorite aspect of their pieces is their feminine, dainty touch. When they do make a statement piece, it makes an impression without being too overbearing, and has an element of design. Michelle has always been making jewelry, and admired the work of others in window fronts long before Love and Pieces existed. One Tuesday, she had passed the Wicker Park space, followed her intuition calling the landlord immediately, and started the creation of Love and Pieces that Thursday (we just LOVE a woman that knows what she wants!). Majority of what is in the store are Michelle’s own designs, and they take pride in the customization that they offer. They will tweak a piece until it feels right with the customer, giving the royal treatment to anyone who walks through the door. The best part? Their stuff won’t break the bank. They work with various metals and stones, even recently with diamonds. Inspiration can come from a certain stone, expanding into a whole collection that stems from one piece. Many of the stones in the store have a meaning behind them that evokes a positive energy, which can be felt throughout the whole store. It is also the perfect spot for bridal party gifts, girlfriends, best friends, and mothers. You can make a unique piece that you know no one else will have, how special is that? Mondays are reserved for appointments, where Chicagoans can come for customizations and repairs.

As the gorgeous Natalie explains, Love and Pieces is a place where you can play with jewelry and dress up. They also sell fun, quick clothes and great handbags, which are all vegan. The personalities of the staff and friendly atmosphere makes for a comfortable, inviting shopping experience. Although they love interacting personally with their clients, Love and Pieces is working towards an online shop. For now, you can visit them on Facebook. We promise we would never steer you wrong, but if you don't believe us yet, you can check out their amazing review on Yelp, and what other bloggers had to say here and here.

And when we couldn't think Michelle could be any sweeter, she is giving out a wonderful discount to JUNCTURE readers. Come into Love and Pieces throughout the month of July and receive 20% off a $50 purchase! Now, the jewelry! Enjoy the photos we took on our visit and fall in love with our favorite pieces.

Love and Pieces, 1616 N. Damen Ave.

The spot for timeless statement pieces.

A colorful display.

The one missing is the one Jess just had to buy!

Jess's favorite piece, so she took it home with her!

Michelle's favorite item in her shop.

The beautiful Natalie showing off her favorite L&P item.

Michelle's favorite piece.

They're perfect for layering!

Jill's favorite L&P piece, a beautiful gold and diamond necklace.

Can we have it all?!

We are loving all the unique designs!

What's your favorite item from Love and Pieces? What piece of jewelry would you love to design?

XO Jess & Jill

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