Monday, September 17, 2012


While Jess was grabbing some sun in her place of birth, Miami, I spent last week in one of my favorite places- Brooklyn, New York. Being born there, it's always nice to go back to visit family and friends, and eat the greatest pizza to ever be created (there really is something in the water).

My family and I never do touristy stuff while we're there (they're real New Yorkers, okay?), but this time we really wanted to make a trip to Ellis Island to track down my Italian ancestors. It's an incredible place to visit and I highly recommend it.

Doing a style post on a swaying boat was definitely a first, but I managed to snap some pictures of my laid back, almost-fall look. I wore a sweater by Cynthia Rowley, pants by H&M, purse by Donna Karan, scarf from Francesca's, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and sandals by Ralph Lauren.

Don't mind my blinded by the sun look. 

And just for fun, I had to share one of my favorite magazine spreads. Back in April I was so excited to see Bay Ridge, the part of Brooklyn I grew up in, as the backdrop for Harper's Bazaar's photo shoot with Miranda Kerr. Shot by Terry Richardson, I can identify all the locations, but this one is my favorite. Pizza Wagon has always been one of my go-to pizza places, especially growing up, and is right around the corner from some of my favorite clothing stores. You can check out the rest of the spread here!

It doesn't count as a tourist photo if it's for a blog, right?

Photo via Harper's Bazaar.

Where were you guys born?

xx Jill


  1. love this post! Both outfit are amazing and love the locations! xo

    1. Thanks! As much as I love Chicago, NY always feels like home. <3

  2. Amen! There is something in the water - I get made fun of all the time at work for complaining about pizza & bagels.

    1. Right?! It is the water! People look at me crazy when I tell them you can taste the difference in the tap water. There is nothing like New York bread and pizza.


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