Thursday, October 1, 2015


Perfume was never a part of my morning routine until I read about having a scent for my wedding. (Yes, that's actually a thing.) I realized I needed one for every day, so I've spent the past couple months researching different scents and ingredients and have smelled countless samples, but to no avail. (My fiancé can vouch for the many trips to the mall.) That is, until I finally stumbled upon Commodity Goods at Sephora

Commodity Goods is a premium perfume and cologne brand with the coolest approach to fragrance (more on that below). Their minimal packaging and scents - Whiskey, Paper, Moss, Rain, and more - attracted me to them and their strong and delicate aromas kept me wanting more. Loving each and every scent is an understatement! I purchased their 10ml size of Magnolia (a Sephora exclusive) and rushed home to learn more.

They have the first of its kind - a try-at-home fragrance fitting kit - complete with samples of their 10 current perfumes and colognes. It also comes with paper strips to use before you commit one to your skin. (The only con of the kit is that they don't give you enough strips, but there's an easy fix - index cards!) You have three options with your fitting kit - Uno includes one 10ml scent, Trio includes three 10ml scents (the one I picked!), and 100 includes a full size 100ml bottle. 

But it doesn't stop there! You don't have to simply just choose Wool or Tea, but there's my favorite part - the Cocktails. Mix Whiskey and Mimosa, and you'll make an Old Fashioned. Mix Rain and Moss and you'll create Morning Fog. Mix Book and Tea and you'll feel like a Sunday. My trick to sample all these wonderful combinations is to use those index cards from earlier and make sure to write which Cocktail you're creating to avoid any confusion!

Commodity Goods also gives you discounts for additional 10ml or 100ml fragrances you purchase, so I have both Morning Fog and Woolymosa headed my way. I can't wait to get a little creative with a new scent every day!

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Have you tried Commodity Goods?


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