Thursday, February 20, 2014


Although I keep neutral colored walls in my condo and let the industrial ceilings and loft structure do most of the work, I love adding bold patterns in my home decor. From pillows to throw blankets, committing to a unique design isn't so scary when you can easily switch it out once you're bored. And there really is no better place to find these patterns than HomeGoods!

I've been on the hunt for small rugs to put throughout my condo, and stumbled on these when browsing HomeGoods with my mom (one of our favorite things to do!) They were all under $30, so when the indecisive Libra in me kicks in, I won't feel bad picking up new ones.

For the kitchen.

Titan has excellent taste.

For the bathroom.

For the entryway. My heels are just waiting for Spring!

How do you add bold patterns in your home?

x Jill

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