Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Glasses are part of who I am. I haven't gone a single day without prescription glasses or sunnies since the third grade! I was lucky enough to have four-eyed parents that knew that wearing the same frames year after year was like wearing the same sweater every day, and they always took me to update my glasses whenever I wanted a change. With the increasing prices of well, everything, glasses were put on the back burner once I was on my own. Spending a few hundred dollars on glasses was not on my priority list... Until I met Warby Parker

As long as you've seen my face on Jess & Jill, I've been wearing Warby Parker frames. I've got the Colton in Revolver Black Crystal (my main frame), Japhy in Black Revolver Crystal, Sibley in Revolver Black, Reece in Sandalwood Matte, and my favorite sunnies, Everett in Gimlet Tortoise. No need for an intervention, this is a good addiction! Every prescription pair starts at $95 (a little extra if you're blind like me). Yeah, just $95. That includes the handcrafted frame with high-end, anti-reflective polycarbonate lenses (that's good, trust me). They even have sunwear! Non-presciption start at $95, $150 with prescription. That price is a steal when previous sunglasses have costed more than a few hundred with polarized lenses. Not only are they giving you an awesome deal, they also give a free pair of glasses to those in need for every pair they sell. Warby Parker looks good and does good.

If you're thinking that it can't be easy to buy glasses over the internet of all places, don't worry, they've got it down pat! Warby Parker's Home Try-On is a fun and simple way to update that beautiful face of yours. Pick five frames in the color of your choice and it's on your way to your house for free for five days. Fall in love with one, two, or however many pairs and just head back online to order your new pair of glasses! Warby Parker sent each of us our own Home Try-On and I'm up first! 

My five pairs of Warby Parker frames are here! I've got the Preston in Gimlet Tortoise, Arthur in Gimlet Tortoise, Walker in Canton Blue (new Spring Collection color!), Theo in Blue Marblewood, and Linwood in Violet Magnolia. Almost all of my WPs are black, so I decided to go a little different route in the color realm for some change. 

Which pair of Warby Parkers frames should I get?

This is where you come in! I've pretty much fallen in love with every pair, but since my pocketbook won't really allow to get that many glasses, I need your help. Which pair of Warby Parker frames should I get?

Have you tried Warby Parker's Home Try-On?


This post was sponsored by Warby Parker and will receive a pair of glasses each in exchange for sharing. Opinions and commentary are entirely of Jess & Jill.


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