Thursday, September 4, 2014


Bella Bianca, a couture bridal boutique in the Gold Coast, with a second location in Oakbrook, was founded by two sisters, Melissa and Natalie. We love our lady duos! 

While Jill has already found her wedding gown, it was Jess's turn to slip on some beautiful dresses! With designers Badgley Mischka, Ines de Santo, Tara Keely, Modern Trousseau and more, Bella Bianca is a place to find everything from sexy to glamourous to traditional. And if just the dress isn't enough, they also have an amazing selection of jewelry, veils, and belts.

Along with being extremely helpful, attentive, and memorable, the ladies of Bella Bianca have a few "Dress Shopping Commandants" that every bride should follow.

1. Be selective with your viewing party. Less is definitely more! 
2. Don’t forget what’s underneath. A pair of Spanx only makes that dress look even better.
3. Give yourself time. Jill purchased her dress over a year in advance and Jess has started the search with two years time! We're planning on being total stress-free brides. (Fingers crossed.)
4. Be realistic. Jill found a gown that was the opposite of what she thought she wanted and was just randomly walking into bridal shops. You never know!
5. Embrace being the bride. This only happens once, so make the most of it!

Enough with all this talk, time for photos of beautiful dresses and accessories!

Bella Bianca ( 12 W. Maple St.)


Have you been to Bella Bianca?

Jess & Jill


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