Thursday, July 30, 2015


It's not a secret that our least favorite part of summer is the need to constantly shave. Problem is, it's not me that hates shaving, it's my skin. One swipe of a razor and it's a breakout, rash, burning hell. I've done every trick in the book - shaving cream, conditioner, coconut oil, cream removal, women's razors, men's razor - nothing worked! August is almost here and I've heard horror stories about hot and humid the weather gets in Houston, so I've decided to finally figure out how to take back my skin and get a little sun on my legs (with SPF, of course). 

After countless tries of different products from shaving creams to various razor brands, I finally found the perfect combination to achieve silky, smooth skin! I start by exfoliating with H2O+ Spa Sea Salt Skin Smoother, and with a generous amount of Dr. Bronner's Unscented Organic Shaving Soap, I'm ready to shave using The Executive razor blades from Dollar Shave Club

Speaking of Dollar Shave Club, it's a steal. For a $9 bi-monthly or monthly subscription (pause or stop whenever you want), you get their best razor which is comparable to the top ones in the market. I always have extras when I really need them, they work well, and well, they're nine dollars! They cannot be beat, I promise.

How do you get perfectly smooth skin?


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