Monday, November 16, 2015


It's that time of the year to start planning for the inevitable Secret Santas. Whether you'll be participating in a work one, friend's one, or your family's, we all play the game at some point. And as if shopping for people you know isn't hard enough, shopping when the receiver is unknown can seem like the worst type of holiday challenge. That's why we've rounded up 10 gifts - all under $20 - that make the perfect Secret Santa gift. The best part is, they're all gifts people would actually want.

Brass Hashtag ($19.00) - West Elm

Dashing Sants Bath Bomb ($5.25) - LUSH

Color-Drip Candle Set ($4.00) - Urban Outfitters

Nutcracker Appetizer Plates ($19.95) - Crate and Barrel

Mission Grove Face Mask ($16.00) - Anthropologie

PRIME Playing Cards ($12.00) - Art of Play

The 52 lists Project ($16.95) - Moorea Seal

Prisma Picture Frame ($14.95) - CB2

50 Ways to Lose Your Glasses ($15.00) - Warby Parker

Old School Gamer Bottle Opener ($11.95) - Zazzle

Jess & Jill

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