Monday, April 21, 2014


A really long time ago I bought this striped dress, waiting for the appropriate time to wear it. Due to my issues with hoarding, it found a place in the back of my closet, easily forgotten about through these Chicago winters. That was until it came time to pack for my Costa Rica trip.

We spent the last part of our trip in San Jose (more on that later) and my brother's girlfriend's family (who we stayed with) has the cutest houses with the most beautiful gardens. I could spend forever sitting outside with a cup of tea, in my floppy hat, which I feel should be the official attire for Costa Rica. And the extra added bonus was the trampoline they had in their backyard. 

Moral of the story? Despite what A&E says, hoarding can be helpful. Don't listen to everything you hear on television.

I'm wearing a Liquid dress, hat from Loehmann's, Kate Spade Saturday sunglasses, and Nine West sandals. Photos are by Adam Badlotto.

And for the most fun part of the whole day...

With yesterday's beautiful weather, let's hope I'll be able to pull this dress out again soon!

x Jill

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