Tuesday, April 29, 2014


We love Etsy for its originality, finding accessories and home goods we never knew we needed, and it's a one stop shop! We're always finding our newest favorite must-have items on Etsy (who doesn't love online shopping?) and we of course had to share out latest finds!

We know about 3D printing, but who would have thought about printing cookie cutters?! Well, we guess Printmeneer did! Check out these adorable glasses and cloud cookie cutters that we need, now.

Who wants boring wedding invitations nowadays? LetterBoxInk has everything you need for a unique wedding experience that just screams and you and your fiancé. And she's from Chicago!

Rich Neeley Designs offers designs for your home using elements that are already there. How genius! These planters would be a perfect accent to Jill's recent condo update and make that iPhone charger inconspicuous amidst all your other books.

We love prints and mugs, which makes Charm & Gumption is so obviously perfect for us! 

The name of this says it all! Classic Designs is the best place to get adorably chic silver and 14K gold jewelry pieces (at what we think is a great price). Jess owns those tiny bar earrings and never takes them off. These are great layering items since you'll won't want to take them off either!

Whether it's for your home, wedding, or party, The Preppy Owl Boutique offers a variety of charming additions to your dinner event or even every day!

What are some of your favorite Etsy shops?

Jess & Jill

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