Monday, April 28, 2014


When people confide in me that they've never been in love, I can somehow sympathize in my own twisted way - I've never found a wedding gown that I've really, really loved. Of course I've found gowns that have made my heart flutter, I've thought about when daydreaming, and drooled over, but I'm talking real, hardcore love that I could see myself walking down the aisle in (because that's what weddings are about, right?) That was until I came across designer Inbal Dror.

HELLO, lovely wedding gowns. I've stalked Pinterest for gown inspiration for quite some time now and nothing has stopped me in my tracks like these beauties. And I've spent the better part of my weekend kinda obsessing over them. 

Photos via Inbal Dror.

And how dreamy is their campaign for the 2014 Los Angeles Collection?

Who are your favorite bridal designers?

x Jill

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