Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Last month I took the most ah-mazing trip of a lifetime to Costa Rica, and it's taken me a solid month to (almost) recover! As you know, my best friend got married and I was maid of honor, so my entire family, my fiancé, and my best friend Courtney, all headed down together. Photos don't do that country justice - I can't begin to explain how breathtaking the landscape is and how incredibly nice the people are. I'm dying to go back!

After a few days in Florida, we landed in San Jose and quickly hoped on a bus to Manuel Antonio, where we stayed at Tulemar Resort for a night. Here are some pictures of our first day there!

View from the plane during landing. Photo via iPhone.

Since the ride to Manuel Antonio is about 4 hours, we took a pitstop on the way to eat, stretch our legs, and take some pictures of the crocodiles. Yes, crocodiles.

They're cute from afar!

Doesn't that bird have some cojones

Even though we were all exhausted from traveling, we were definitely on a Costa Rica high, and spent no time relaxing. We were quickly greeted by drinks, which prompted us to throw down our suitcases and go for a sunset swim.

Our bungalow!

My fiancé enjoying the view and hammock from our balcony.

I could easily get used to waking up to this.

The view from our bungalow, facing my parent's villa.

The walk to the private beach was a long, but beautiful one, passing by the many pools the resort has.

The beautiful beach.

Blurry iPhone pic of the fiancé and I enjoying drinks.

The water was the perfect temperature.

Gorgeous sunset.

Beautiful sunset.

After swimming we went straight to dinner poolside and enjoyed a little too much tequila. When in  Rome Costa Rica, right?

The blurry view from dinner.

Despite the long day of traveling, we woke up early the next morning to start the day. How amazing is this view?

Better weather than what was going on in Chicago.

One of the best parts of Costa Rica are the insanely friendly monkeys, who will steal your stuff if you aren't careful.

Our neighbors saying "Good Morning!" via iPhone.

Enjoying the beach.

Can you spy Courtney and I? Photo via iPhone.

The first day was the perfect start to the best trip I've ever had. I can't wait to share the rest!

x Jill

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