Friday, June 13, 2014


There's nothing better than opening your front door and your apartment is filled with the aroma of your favorite candle. I'm constantly looking for a new scent and this one caught my eye nose!  I first smelled it at Sarah Seven Chicago and had to buy it that day. While some of my favorites may set you back $30, sometimes even $50, this one costs just a bit over 10 bucks!

Target's Black Orchid and Amber candle is a delicate floral scent that is feminine, yet it's not overly girly, so both my fiancé and I can both enjoy it. I'm buying this in bulk for my apartment (I can't risk this being discontinued!) and now it's my home's "official" scent. Until I find another Target candle, of course. 

Black Orchid and Amber Large Candle ($10.79) - Target

It also comes in three different containers. I have the black jar pictured above, but you can also get it in a silver tin and a brass jar at your local Target.

What's your favorite inexpensive candle?


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