Wednesday, June 18, 2014


If you haven't been on your Jess & Jill game (what ARE you doing?!) you can check out the first part and second part of my Costa Rica trip!

After our amazing time in Manuel Antonio, my family, fiancé, and I took a road trip to La Fortuna, where we stayed for two days. We arrived at our hotel, the Montana de Fuego resort, and we were in awe of the volcano. It lit-er-al-ly took my breathe away!

View from our balcony.

Gorgeous view.

After settling in, we headed for a night swim at the Baldi Hot Springs. The place is like a theme park heated by a volcano - it's amazing! There are 30 pools complete with bars, waterfalls, and the most insane slides I've ever seen. We felt like kids going down them (they were a little dangerous, especially after drinks.) 

One of the many waterfalls.

You could easily get lost there.

The end of the slides.

Yes, that's my fiancé.

After the hot springs we went back to the hotel to prepare ourselves for the following morning, where we did one of the funnest things we've ever done - white water rafting. When my brother made the plans, they had asked if we wanted the easy or harder course, in which he chose the harder one. Of course, he told us that after.

We made our plans through Wave Expeditions, and that morning they sent a bus to pick us up. After we got into our rafts and received our "safety talk", we practiced with our guide for about 10 minutes. He taught us his commands for peddling forward, backward, ducking when things got crazy, taking shelter when things got really crazy, what to do if the raft flipped (what, that happens?), and what to do if you fall out (my worst nightmare!). Luckily the only "floater" was my fiancé, who quickly got back on.

Just getting started.

Definitely an "oh, s!*+" moment!

How scary big are those rocks?

Finally, a calmer moment.

But not for long.

Best experience ever!

It was intense and scary at times, but SO. MUCH. FUN. I was so happy they had a photographer, who sent us about 50 pictures from the few hours we rafted. About halfway through we stopped for some fruit and to relax while taking in the scenery. As if we didn't have enough excitement for the day, we also jumped off a huge cliff into the river, which gives me butterflies just thinking about it. When in Costa Rica, right?

After our river adventure, we were taken to lunch where we enjoyed a beer and delicious food. I can't even begin to describe how good all of the food in Costa Rica was!

View from lunch. Via iPhone.

Our setup. Via iPhone.

Lunch. Via iPhone.

My new friend! Via iPhone.

We headed back to our resort, had a very quick meal, and then were back on road to the last part of our trip, San Jose, which I'll be sharing soon!

Saying goodbye to this view.

That jump off the cliff totally ruined my sunblock!

x Jill

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