Monday, June 9, 2014


Call it the hippie in me, but I am obsessed with flower crowns. And ever since I saw my mother's wedding photo, I always wanted to wear one, along with my wedding party, on my big day (Kate Moss just affirmed this thought.) Even Jess wants her niece to wear one as her flower girl. But who needs a really expensive party to let their inner flower child shine? Summer weather is the perfect opportunity to get a little creative and floral. I'm officially campaigning for flower crowns to be acceptable as everyday attire.

La Paola Deluxe Fresh Flower Halo ($350.00) - Stone Fox Bride

Le Petit Fresh Flower Halo ($180.00) - Stone Fox Bride

Fresh Flower Crown ($150.00) - Flower Girl Los Angeles

Flower Crown ($150.00) - Flower Girl Los Angeles

Daisy II Everyday Flower Crown ($15.00) - Flower Crown Society

Athena Grecian Garland Crown ($25.00) - Flower Crown Society

Francesca Flower Crown ($400.00) - Flower Gypsies

Erica Flower Crown ($400.00) - Flower Gypsies

Who's with me?

x Jill

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