Tuesday, June 17, 2014


For us, our favorite kind of summer bash is a girls day in filled with pop music, lots of laughs, girl talk, and most importantly, yummy drinks. Summer is meant for easy and hassle-free living, and this is exactly how we like our drinks, and that's what VitaFrute Cocktails is all about. So of course they'd make a necessary appearance at our summer bash.

VitaFrute are ready to drink cocktails made by VEEV. With only 125 calories in each drink and organic, all-natural ingredients, it's guiltless without sacrificing yumminess. And their newest flavor, Coconut Colada, is incredibly refreshing. Made with coconut water (so it's totally hydrating) and free of fat and cholesterol, it's a ton of ah-mazingness in a glass. VitaFrute Cocktails are the perfect accessory for any summer bash in the sun (and we may or may not be drinking them with out heat up in the wintertime.)

Since you know we like to share everything together, we created our own unique cocktails by taking a bit from each other's. Jess filled her glass with VitaFrute's Lemonade flavor, adding a splash of VitaFrute's Cosmopolitan flavor, while Jill filled her glass with VitaFrute's Cosmopolitan, and added a splash of VitaFrute's Lemonade. We both topped our drinks off with fresh fruit and basil sugar to Jess's and acai sugar to Jill's. They didn't last a second longer after these pictures!

And to celebrate summer, VEEV is giving one lucky Pinterest user their own ultimate bash - which will probably be way cooler than our girls day in. Pin your favorite summer party tips for your chance to win the ultimate summer party, and fill out the form that can be found here. And then make sure our invite is the first one sent.

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Jess & Jill

Jess & Jill were compensated for this post. Comments and opinions are of their own.


  1. Looking to speak to someone who reps the Veev brand. Anyone we can reach out to for more info???

    1. Email us at hello (at) jessandjill (dot) com with some contact information and we'll try to help you as best as we can!


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