Thursday, May 14, 2015


When it comes to jewelry, I always stick to everyday pieces. I occasionally throw on some layering necklaces and a few extra bracelets, but you'll always seeing my wearing my dainty essentials. I'm lazy when it comes to taking them off at night and before showers, so I always stick to sterling silver and 14k gold - mostly rose gold, of course.

I recently got the 'Straight As An Arrow' necklace from Maya Brenner - a meaningful symbol (read about that here) - and I am in love! It's the perfect size and layers well with so many of other fashion jewelry. My Zoe Chicco 'very thin bar earrings' are large enough to notice, but tiny enough to never bother me when I'm sleeping. I don't do well with piercings (a belly button ring in college went terribly wrong), so I fake it with this Catbird 'ear cuff'. 14k gold bracelets can get pricey real quick, so these cord bracelets from Hortense are an easy way out! Last, but definitely not least - my rings. Just as you can layer necklaces (I still can't figure that out), you can layer rings upon rings. My daily rings are my Cartier LOVE engagement ring (duh), Catbird 'mignon memory rings' in sterling silver and rose gold, Bittersweets New York 'teensy skull rings' in gold and rose gold, stud ring from a NYC shopping trip, and a Bittersweets New York 'famous letter ring' with "juizinho", a meaningful Portuguese word.

Getting ready in the morning makes life easier with my staple jewelry pieces!

Wearing Deborah Lippmann's 'Love in the Dunes' nail polish. 

Do you have any everyday jewelry?


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