Thursday, May 29, 2014


Although we both favor different skincare and makeup products, one thing we can both agree on in the beauty department is a bold brow. We've been growing out ours (thank God for big sunglasses!), so we could visit the brow queen herself, Courtney Allen at Milano Hair Design Studio. Brow down.

We both got our brows tinted and waxed c/o Courtney, and Jess also opted for an eyelash tint. It was perfect for her hiking and camping trip, so she didn't have to worry about makeup - who has time for that in the outdoors? Jill has always had thicker eyebrows, so it was comforting to find someone who appreciates and can handle a full brow. We don't trust just anyone, okay?

And it's safe to say we won't trust anyone but Courtney ever again. She is a master at her work and takes the time explaining the shape and style that best suits your face. She is truly an artist at her craft and is on a mission to save Chicago, one eyebrow at a time. Seriously, you need to make an appointment now.

Have you ever gotten a brow tint?

Jess & Jill

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  1. I went to Courtney for a brown thread and tint at the beginning of May and LOVE her! I appreciate a woman who loves big, bold brows. She's wonderful. Jess, what did you think of the lash tint? I was tempted, but also a little scared of how my eyes might react. -Katie


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