Thursday, May 8, 2014


I've got less than two weeks until my epic road/camping/hiking trip through South Dakota with my boyfriend, and the preparation has taken up pretty much all of my free time. One thing on the top of my to do list? My Spotify playlist. The road trip from Chicago to South Dakota and back, with a bunch of stops and scenic roads throughout, will take over 31 hours, so I need a lot of jams. 

I pay for Spotify Premium (normally $9.99, $4.99 for students) and it's worth every penny. The basic app only allows radio stations with a select number of skips, but the premium version has unlimited skips and the ability to listen to albums and find specific songs. The coolest part is that I can actually sync my playlists to my phone/tablet so that I can listen to my music offline. So those parts of South Dakota where I might only have one bar of service (how rural) and no radio stations for miles, what seems like an endless playlist at my fingertips will be just what my boyfriend and I need. And snacks. Lots of snacks.

This playlist has everything. Tons of dance and house music to keep us up, 90s pop music because we know all the words, Elvis because The King is my absolute favorite, and hip hop to keep our rap skills on point. If you have almost 40 hours to kill (620+ songs), start listening to my South Dakota playlist!

What songs should I add to my playlist? (Because you always need more!) 

Also, if you want to follow my journey through South Dakota, check out #JessInSD for photos from both my personal Instagram and Jess & Jill's!


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  1. Not going to lie...40 hours of songs is perfect for a labor playlist which I will be needing soon. Multi purpose! Love it!


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