Friday, May 30, 2014


Although I'm not your typical Florida girl, (hello pale skin and dark hair), one thing I do miss about the sunshine state is hanging out by the pool - with sunscreen, of course. Part of the reason is that I love shopping for a new bikini, and recently, it seems like designers have gotten insanely creative with their pieces. One of these designers is MOEVA LONDON swimwear. 

I recently received this MOEVA bikini and I'm in love with the quality and shape. Especially for girls like me who go to the beach more for hanging out rather than tanning, I can appreciate the uniqueness and look. (I'm not worried about crazy tan lines!) They're pieces you will have forever and that can withstand many, many summer days. And just in case your summer day turns into a long summer night, they have gorgeous cover-ups, that compliment the swimwear well. Because really, why would you want to these pieces up?







I can't wait to hit the beach... err, lake... in mine!

x Jill

 Jess & Jill received a swimsuit in exchange for this post. Commentary and opinions are of Jess & Jill.

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