Friday, May 16, 2014


There are a few traditions that my mom and I fall right into when we see each other - staying up really late watching HGTV, sharing a salad no matter where we eat, and shopping at Loehmann's for hidden gems. So you can imagine my despair when I heard the mega store that was my favorite place to get a good deal was closing. Way to give a girl abandonment issues.

That was until I stumbled upon this article from Fashionista. The new Loehmann's? What? On May 5th Loehmann's soft launched their new website, that has just as amazing deals as they did in store. You can even check out using PayPal (score!) and make monthly payments (even more score!) on purchased items. The official launch will be happening sometime in June. 

via Crain's.

Browse the shop here!

This just means my mom and I will have to shop via the couch next time. Hey, that doesn't sound too bad.

x Jill

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  1. I used to find such good deals at the Loehmann's in NYC. I miss that place!!


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