Thursday, May 1, 2014


My kinda Sunday funday includes a day at home with a glass of wine and some nail art (and maybe a rerun of the newest episode of Real Housewives.) And the second LVX sent us these colors, I knew exactly who my next Sunday would be spent with.

Leopard nails are probably the easiest nail art to achieve, and the most fool proof. Since leopard prints are unique, it makes hiding a mistake simple. You can use nail tools, but I find that toothpicks work just as well... no need for a dotting tool!

First, I painted my nails in Cameo, pictured above on the left (which is my new favorite every day color!) I find that with any nail art, painting your nails the night before assures that they're dry enough the next day.

I added a few drops of the two colors I used for the spots, d'Orsay and Scarlet, on an index card.

Using my toothpick, I made spots on my nails with d'Orsay. Since you're making spots, you don't want them to be perfect circles, which makes it super easy when you're doing them on your right hand.

Lastly I took my toothpick and outlined the spots with Scarlet, following the shape of my irregular circles, and not closing them off fully.

Voila! Easy-peasy nail art to spice up your next mani Monday.

Have you tried leopard nails?

x Jill


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