Wednesday, January 7, 2015


What I love most about my new place is all the light that comes through! And with all the sun that Houston offers, my latest obsession has been succulents and terrariums. I've seen them at almost every home store around for awhile, so I admit to being late to the planter party. If you want to join me in my new obsession, see what I think are the perfect stepping stones to bringing the outdoors in!

The Plant Recipe Book ($18.34) - Amazon

Succulents - Set of 3 ($22.50 - $31.50) - West Elm

Display Box Terrariums ($24.00 - $59.00) - West Elm

Riddling Rack Succulent Stand ($199.00) - Pottery Barn

Marbled Hanging Planter by PotterLodge ($20.00) - Etsy
Sempervivum Study Vol.1 ($70.00) - Moorea Seal

Dodecahdron Hanging Terrarium ($75.00) - Moorea Seal

Metallic Planter ($12.00) - West Elm

Canoe Planter by Judy Jackson ($24.00 - $32.00) - Anthropologie

Do you garden?


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