Friday, August 7, 2015


Every Sunday night between a glass of wine and TV shows, I fit in a face mask. I like starting my week off on a clean slate - literally - and it's a great way to recharge your skin. One of the perks of shopping at Sephora so much is their points system where you receive points for every dollar you spend, which you can redeem for samples. The latest sample I tried was Boscia's Luminizing Mask, and not soon after I tried it, I went out and bought a bottle.

It's a great way to peel off the week, and it does its job without stripping the skin. My face instantly felt fresh and brighter after just one use. I do suggest you apply it thick, as I made the mistake of using it somewhat sparingly my first time, and spent 20 minutes trying to peel it all off. It's perfect after a hot summer day, or a night of partying, to recharge your skin. It's totally worth the $34!

via Sephora

Happy Friday!

x Jill

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