Thursday, August 20, 2015


Earlier this month, my fiancé had (yet another) conference in New York, so I decided to tag along this time around! I set off to the Big Apple for a little bit of sightseeing and shopping, lunches with old and new friends, relaxation, and delicious food. Although we had a little hiccup during our trip (read about it below), it actually made the trip one of the best ones yet!

The view from my fiancé's NY office is surreal.

My first day there, I explored Midtown and made my way up and down Fifth Avenue. Typical tourist! Once my fiancé was done with his meetings for the day, he took me up to his NY office that features some breathtaking views. You may recognize his building from Friends!

The next day, we headed out to SoHo to meet up with a couple friends from high school (if that doesn't make us feel old...) and to get our shopping fix in. After a few hours and a lot of damage, we headed to Williamsburg to finally step inside Catbird and grab some sweets at Momofuku Milk Bar. We fell in love with Brooklyn! 

Selfie time!

We were set to leave the next morning, but we woke up with news that our flight was canceled. (The only one of the day, of course.) We decided to make the most of it yet and make our way to The Metropolitan Museum of Art via Central Park. I was absolutely in awe of and completely overwhelmed by everything there - so much to see, so little time! 

True fact: I have loved Egyptian history and artifacts since I first saw a mummy in London when I was a child. I was unaware of the exhibit in New York, but my fiancé successfully kept it hidden from me - all to catch cheesy smiles from ear to ear. I really felt like a kid in a candy shop! 

See you in October, New York!


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