Tuesday, August 4, 2015


All my wedding save the dates have been sent and I am in love with how they came out! My fiancé and I went all Texas for these friendly reminders with this Lone Star design from Minted. Along with the adorable graphic, liners, printed address (makes such the difference, I swear), I wanted to add a little more personality to the envelopes by using vintage postage stamps. It's a great idea for not only save the dates, but wedding invitations, RSVP cards, and more! 

I absolutely loved how vintage stamps really completed the look and knew I had to figure out how to do it myself! I thought finding them would be next to impossible, but alas, that's what Etsy is for. It's super to easy to find a group of stamps already created based on themes - colors, forest, flowers, animals, location - you name it. A few of my favorite Etsy stamps shops are Treasure FoxVerde Studio, and Love the Postage. My five stamp Texas-themed collection can be found here

I started applying these using a DIY stamp pad by using makeup sponges, but I found that licking them (as gross as they taste) worked so much better. Some of these are very delicate and thin (the blue Texas stamp is from 1945!), so the corners sometimes curl up. If you're up for it or know someone who doesn't mind, I would definitely go the old school way. I used tweezers to help me align and then pat down! 

Because of varying names and address lengths on your envelopes, you'll have to create different arrangements for each ones. I especially enjoyed that part because each one is truly unique to every envelope! 

Now, you don't want to ruin those pretty vintage stamps by running them through all those machines! Ask your local post office if they "hand cancel" and they'll do exactly what you see below. A simple stamp with the date and the specific post office. Houston is not currently hand canceling, so I just went to the next town over. I even got to stamp mine myself! Easy as anything and it even adds a little more vintage flair to your stamps.

All ready to mail out!

How do you like to make your envelopes or letters unique?



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