Monday, August 31, 2015


The MTV VMAs is just like Twitter for celebrities - you find out who they truly are. The dress code sits somewhere between strip club attire and a formal affair, giving celebrities a ton of room for interpretation. And for us in the audience, that makes it way too much.

All images via E!


Hailee Steinfeld: Although she's pretty young, Hailee is pulling off this sophisticated look without trying too hard to be mature. I also like the toned down makeup mixed with the statement piece necklace. I do wish the hem of the pants were a tad bit longer.

Laura Marano in Victoria Beckham: I really have no idea who this is, but I do know this dress looks great on her. She is also absolutely stunning and her makeup and hair complete the look. Bringing a little class to this $H!+ show (#respect).

Miley Cyrus: Before you close the window out and completely discredit me, let's remember what the VMAs are all about (Lil' Kim's mermaid outfit, anyone?!). As crazy as Miley may look, I appreciate her having fun and not disappointing us. 


Kylie Jenner: Things aren't going well for you on the carpet when you're standing next to your sister who is in her 30s and you look like her mom.

Jeannie Mai: "Let's add some stars to it. And then throw birds on it... yes, birds! And why not a number 25 just because?!" This is the conversation I imagine happened when designing this dress.

Justin Beiber's hair: If a "cool mom" from the suburbs's hair had a baby with Donald Trump's hair, this is what they would produce.

What did you think of last night's show?

x Jill

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