Thursday, February 5, 2015



We never knew the little trays and dishes that were perfect for every room had an actual name (and the autocorrect for it is hilarious - try it out on your phone). Whether it's for your keys, jewelry, loose change, or your favorite lipstick, they're the perfect little design addition to any coffee table, kitchen sink, or nightstand. We need one in every corner of our house!

Check out some of our favorites that we've spotted on the internet. And by spotted, we mean shopped for.

Top to bottom, left to right: 1. Crescent Moon Catch-All Dish ($14.00) - Urban Outfitters, 2. Best Day Ever Catchall ($14.00 - On Sale!) - Pottery Barn, 3. Suede Catchalls ($21.00 - $29.00 - On Sale!) - West Elm, 4. Ceramic Heart Catchall ($14.50) - J.Crew, 5. Cha Ching Catchall ($25.00) - Smith and Boyer on Etsy, 6. Daisy Place Tray ($60.00) - Kate Spade, 7. Heritage Catchall ($19.00) - West Elm, 8. White Lace Ceramic Catchall ($16.00) - Self Rescuing Princess on Etsy, 9. Reclaimed Wood Catchall ($68.00 - $78.00) - Anthropologie.

Jess & Jill

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