Monday, February 2, 2015


Wedding planning can be really stressful, but there have been some insanely fun aspects of planning so far that I've really enjoyed. One of them being having the chance to ask some of my best friends to be in my wedding party!

Since all of them are scattered around the country, I wanted to make them something I could easily send in the mail. After some creative thinking, I came up with a cute "message in a sequined bottle" idea. I also remembered how easy the internet told me it was to make Instagram pictures into magnets, so I decided to give that a try too. It made for the perfect DIY Sunday, and the cutest "bridal party proposal" kit!

What you'll need:
- Thread
- Tags
- Mat board/illustration paper (or any kind of thicket paper)
- Photo that will be your magnet

First, write on a small piece of paper and cut around it (you want it small enough to fit in the vile). Writing and cutting it out is easier than trying to write on an already cut small piece of paper.

Side note: I loved this project because I got to use metallic pens. Brings me back to my middle school obsession!

This is the most tedious part. Fill your vile bout half-way with sequins, and roll your piece of paper up. Cut a long piece of thread and tie your thread around your piece of paper. If you have bad eyes like me, you'll definitely need your glasses for this one.

Insert your paper into the vile, with the rest of the string coming out. Fill your vile up all of the way with sequins, shaking the bottle so they disperse around your piece of paper. 

On the other side of your thread, attach your tag and write your "open" message, and put the cork on your vile.

This creates a sequined "message in a bottle". The pieces of paper come out easily when pulled, creating a fun way to ask your bridesmaids! 

Next, I worked on my magnets. Print out the picture and size you would like your magnet. I found it easiest to take a bunch of pictures that I wanted, and used photoshop to place them all on one page. It is cheaper to print and used less paper.

Trace your picture on your mat board/illustration paper and cut out your outline. Glue the picture to the paper using a dot of super glue and Mod Podge. Let it dry for a few minutes.

Then take the Mod Podge and slowly cover the entire photo with it. If there are any bubbles, you can pop them with a pin. Be sure to not move your photo around once the glue is on, as it will disperse easily. Let it sit for 48 hours before touching it.

This is what your magnets will look like, and eventually they will dry clear. You can also get creative with shapes when cutting out your photos.

After it is completely dry (lightly touch it to make sure), cut a piece of magnetic strip and place it on the back of your photo.

Of course, I wrote each bridesmaids and my maid of honor hand-written notes (sappy words and inside jokes included). I also made mini mason jar shot glasses that I added glitter to (you can get the DIY post on how to do that here), since I know a lot of shots will be taken in the future. 

Here is the final kit!

It was one of my favorite DIY projects to date, and I am the luckiest girl to have the best wedding party a bride can ask for.

Let's hope these kits are good enough for them to go easy on me at my bachelorette party. ;)

x Jill

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