Monday, February 9, 2015


I always say this when it comes to the Grammys... it's such a weird event to dress for. Do you go for the evening gown look? Do you work a casual outfit?! Do you wear challah bread on your head like Iggy Azalea did?! (The answer to that last question is no). Last night's fashions were interesting, and while I've noticed that sheer paneling is still a thing, I thought there were a variety of frocks that walked down the carpet. So let's chat about them! 

Here are my favorites, not-so favorites, and others worth commenting on.


Gwen Stefani in Versace: I love a woman in a pantsuit. Gwen Stefani in a pantsuit? Pure magic. This is the perfect balance of doing things outside of the box, while not looking you're a two-year-old dressing themselves. 

Nicki Minaj in Tom Ford: This is how you show a little skin, while still keeping it classy. Nicki's body looks amazing and I love the bottom detail of this dress.

Haim in Stella McCartney: First, I love seeing these girls walk the runway because I've had their album on repeat for days. But they don't just kill the stage, they're killing the red carpet (individually) while still looking cohesive. (via JustJared).


Charli XCX in Moschino: I appreciate the fashion risk, but she looks like a caterer wearing the fur of an animal she's about to serve. 

Kat Graham in Yanina: There is a white flower taking over her body and nobody is doing anything to help her poor soul out.

Other Comments

Zendaya in Vivienne Westwood THAT PIXIE CUT: Because that's all I could focus on when looking at her. Does she not look AH-mazing in her new hair?

Kim Kardashian in Jean Paul Gaultier: I can kinda see what Kim was going for here, but what is up with the extra-long sleeves? Is she trying to pretend like she's North dressing up in her mom's clothes? I do love the beaded detail of the gown though, and her new short hair.

Who were your favorites and not-so favorites?

x Jill

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