Wednesday, February 11, 2015


One quick look into my jewelry box and you'll notice, I don't judge. I've got rose gold, silver, gold, brass - you name it. I'm all for mixing metals, but sometimes I don't know how to make them look cohesive all by myself. It always looks cute when I see someone layering different necklaces, but all I end up doing is taking half of them off midday!

My easy way out? I just find jewelry that's already done the mixing. And since I've now done the work for you, it's time to get shopping!

Top to bottom, left to right: 1. Bonnie Jonas Boxed Set of Three Square Rings ($22.00) - Nordstrom, 2. Full Heart Necklace ($60.00 - $600.00) - Catbird, 3. Split Section Ring ($12.00) - Topshop, 4. Margin Bangle Bracelet Set ($32.00) - Madewell, 5. Diamong Studded Bar Post Earrings ($440.00) - Melissa Joy Manning, 6. Mixed Arrowhead Cuff ($615.00) - Zoe Chicco, 7. Tri-Color Ring ($250.00) - Bittersweets NY, 8. Metal Drop Necklace ($88.00) - J.Crew, 9. Skinny Mixed Rings Set ($88.00) - Bing Bang NYC.

How do you mix metals?



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