Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hope you're hungry, because it's dinner time with Relished!

As you all may know - we're horrible in the kitchen. The poor guys in our lives are stuck with brownie mix all over the floor and upside-down pizzas burning the oven. (Yes, those are true stories of Jess and Jill.) With the fresh ingredients picked out, detailed instructions, and photos to let us know what we're doing wrong - Relished set us up for three successful dinners. 

With Relished, you receive one box per week with three meals of locally sourced food. Everything comes labeled and packaged within each meal, so it's foolproof. At $9.95 a serving, it's cheaper than a night out and you can boast about your chef skills. (Your secret's safe with us.) While Jess had a little mishap with her package (her building's fault, not Relished) and couldn't get to her food for almost 24 hours, the ice packs in the boxes kept her food chilled until it was ready to cook. Jill had an issue with her chicken being bad and unfortunately, had to throw it away. Not sure if she waited too long (she opted for cooking the shrimp before the chicken as per the instructions) or if it was already on it's way out, but everything else was fresh.

Read what we ate for our three days of meals, courtesy of Relished, and if you want a bite for yourself, find out how you can get 50% off your order below.

Sauteed Shrimp and Baby Spinach Salad with a Balsamic Reduction

Jess: This recipe was light, but still filling. I actually never used cracked red pepper in a recipe, but now I'm hooked. I was also really eager to try the balsamic reduction because I swear, I hear it on every cooking show on TV. The shrimp, onions, and cheese were also a great addition to the spinach salad.
Jill: This was my favorite meal and one I plan on recreating again! It's perfect for a lunch or light dinner and it's so refreshing. The balsamic was the perfect touch.

Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken with Cavatappi Pasta and Sweet Pea Primavera

Jess: My favorite meal of the week, and honestly... one of my favorites ever! I absolutely love prosciutto, so I was really excited for this meal. The pasta instructions gave me and my boyfriend the perfect al dente and the sauce was freaking delicious. I felt like a chef making this plate and the recipe is always on my refrigerator door now.
Jill: Unfortunately my chicken was bad so I couldn't test this recipe out fully, but the pasta was pretty good on it's own! The sauce was ah-mazing.

Pan Seared Strip Steak with Roasted Vegetable Hash

Jess: This meal felt very homecooked-esque and was very hearty. It was a ton of vegetables sent directly to my place, so I loved not having to lug a ton of vegetables from the grocery store. It gave me the opportunity to try something new and I had enough for leftovers the next day!
Jill: I love that they give you a lot of vegetables and don't skimp out! The meal was delicious and the vegetables were insanely fresh. One of the best parts about Relished is they give great proportions!

We thoroughly enjoyed the meals Relished sent us and would definitely use it again! We would like to see a "best date to eat by" for each plate, just in case our nights run late, because we're pretty bad at judging how long a product can last for. But we'd say it's one of the best home meal services we've tried!

If you're hungry and want to try Relished for yourself, use code 'Jess&Jill' for 50% off your order.

Mangia, mangia!

Jess & Jill

Jess & Jill received product courtesy of Relished. Opinions and comments are of their own.


  1. Love this concept! Sounds like a great way to try new recipes!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  2. this looks amazing. i would NEVER make these things out of a cook book, but would totally try it if someone did all the prep for me.


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