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If you follow us on Pinterest (shameless plug) you'll see that I've been pinning quite a bit of wedding content in hopes that my tendency to procrastinate won't conflict with my planning. While I've never been the girl who has had her wedding planned the second she could form a thought, there are a few things, like getting married in New York, that I've always wanted. Recently I've been thinking more and more about a New Year's Eve wedding and how much fun it could be to celebrate with all of my friends of family, and I love the though of celebrating another anniversary with a new year.

Although I've received mostly positive feedback, some people aren't fans of New Year's Eve weddings. There's definitely many pros to it- spending the holiday with my favorite people, fun decorations that I can get creative with, throwing my guests a party (hey, open bar!) that they will hopefully always remember, and more. However weddings can be a pain in the you-know-what, and having a NYE wedding can be a nuisance to some people, especially with the travel cost being a bit more that time of year. And what's a wedding without happy guests?

So while I procrastinate spend my time on Pinterest in the early stages of my planning, I go back and forth with the idea. But you can't deny how pretty the inspiration is, right?

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What are your thoughts on a New Year's Eve wedding? Have you/would you want to attend one?

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  1. I had a New Years Eve wedding and had so many of the same thoughts. At the end of the day, there were some people there I didn't expect and some people there I really expected to be there. It was the best party I've ever been to, which was my goal and all of our friends and family said the same thing...and not just to be nice. Everyone wants a reason to get dressed up on New Years Eve and avoiding all the pains that normally come with it, inclusive of an actually accessible open bar and no need to take a cab home from the hotel at the end of the night. Every year we get pressured to have a reenactment and throw an Anniversary Party.

    My best advice is to do what the two of you want and what makes the two of you happy. In the end, it's really about you, but it's nice to consider others. You'll all have a blast and it will be an event to remember! Feel free to email if you want to chat since I've been there...and because I coordinate weddings. Happy to talk through any questions about NYE! And check out our wedding: Also, my Pinterest board if you're looking for more Pins:

    1. some people not there that I really expected to be there*

    2. This is so helpful! I guess my main concern is I don't want people to find my wedding a nuisance, but you're right, I have to do what makes us happy! I really love the idea of a NYE wedding and the more I think about it, the more I want to do it. And I love the idea of having NYE as my anniversary every year. Did you find things to be more expensive? Your wedding was AMAZING - I am OBSESSED!

      I'd love to reach out to you, if you don't mind, once I set more plans. It'd be great to pick your brain :)


    3. There were very few people who seemed to find our wedding a nuisance and the ones who did didn't come - and that was ok. I didn't find many things to be more expensive. One DJ wanted to charge more, so I went with someone else who ended up being amazing. The hotel rooms were a little bit more and the transportation (which, admittedly, I waited too long to book) was a pain to be able to find something, but overall, things were not more expensive. I also negotiated the heck out of everything, which helped. Feel free to reach out any time!


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