Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Looking for a local nail lacquer brand that's cruelty-free and vegan? How about one that features the latest colors of the season, free of toxic and harsh chemicals, and is amazing quality? Check off yes to all of the above with LVX! These long long-lasting and fast-drying polishes are one of my must-have nail brands. At $16.00 each, it's more expensive than what you can get at the drugstore, but it's absolutely worth it. Doing my own nails at home is my form of therapy and would rather spend the money on quality polishes versus trips to the salon. If you're in the same boat as me (or want to do both), LVX needs to be a part of your mani and pedi routine!

Sappir | Avalon | Caviar

LVX sent us their Winter Resort 2014 collection and I am in love. Below you'll find three of the collection's colors with more coming soon. I'm not as talented as Jill in the painting nails department, so you'll just have to deal!

Sappir | Avalon | Caviar

Sappir is a cool Sapphire with complex gray undertones. My typical nail colors are black and grey and this deep blue is a perfect addition to that cycle. Since I wear black all the time, this is just the pop of color I can need and handle.

Avalon is a multifaceted bronze with complex rose gold and brown undertones. I'm really into copper and brass right now and this polish couldn't have come at a better time! I'm loving this color with my all-black look, gold-tone jewelry, and dark brown hair.

Caviara classic jet set crème [with] silver glitter particles [that] act as a three dimensional element. This is a great twist on a typical black polish. I'm not much of a glitter gal, but the faintness of is perfect for just a little extra addition. This polish dries super quick and does not need a top coat because of the textured effect. It doesn't last as long as other polishes, but it's great for that last minute outing and you just realized your nails are bare (and explains my botched application).

Have you tried LVX?


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