Tuesday, March 24, 2015


It's almost as if we've been waiting a lifetime to say these words. Tonight, we will finally find out who A is (or in Pretty Little Liars fashion, we will find another person who is a part of the A team). Still, it's progress, right?

Before you judge us on watching this middle school tv show, just know that we like the little one hour escape every week from being an adult... and that Jess totally liked it first. (Heyyy!) In true Jess and Jill fashion, we'll be watching along, with a glass of wine in hand trying to keep up with all the twists and turns that have happened so far. And texting each other.

If you'll be watching on the edge of your seat too, play along in our drinking game! Here are the rules we'll be abiding to.

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Drink every time...

- There is a flashback to a previous scene.
- Two or more of the girls are talking in prison.
- The show tries to trick you into thinking someone is A, without confirming.
- Aria's new boyfriend, Andrew, speaks in his weird southern accent.
- A dead person is mentioned.
- Someone should have their blinds closed.
- Tanner is unnecessarily rude.
- A judge appears on the screen.
- There's a pay phone or collect call.
- The girls should have a lawyer involved.
- There's new evidence.
- One of the girl's men visits them in jail.
- Toby is in his police uniform.
- One of the girls is doing a job in jail.

Finish your glass if...

- There is a surprise witness.
- A dead person is brought back to life.
- The girls are outside of the jail.
- A is not who you thought it was.

Happy drinking (responsibly, of course)! Who do you think A is?

Jess & Jill 

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